Game Playing: Take 2 and 3

So both of these occurred quite awhile ago, but I figure I should try and catch the blog up…

Take  2 involved playing Chutes and Ladders during one of our family nights. It was all 5 of us, but the little one and I were playing the same piece. It started out well enough, even though Daddy was bored and the little one was bouncing around. We got onto the second row of squares before the middle was fussing about not being in the lead.

And then the cheating started. She wouldn’t spin the spinner, but instead just put it on six each time. And then she’d move her piece to the closest ladder and scamper up it. At this point, the baby is no longer interested, instead spending his energy bouncing on the couch.

Daddy’s lost his focus too, and soon I realize I’m playing for both of us. The oldest starts getting pissed, because she really does want to play, but between the bouncing and the cheating, it’s rather chaotic. Soon she starts to tear up and her lip’s quivering.

I start trying to calm her, get her focused when

“Cannon ball!!”

The baby jumps right in the middle of everything, sending my blood pressure through the roof and game pieces scattered through the living room.

Screaming and crying ensued. *sigh* Not a win.

And then there was Take 3, shortly after the middle one’s birthday. It was a new game, something about Barbie dogs I think, and rather unique, in that you had little obstacles that had to be completed. Things started out well *don’t they always* but it didn’t last long.

See the middle one, she’s a cheater. And she doesn’t even know enough yet to try and hide it. She does it in plain sight of everyone and doesn’t care in the slightest. So she’s cheating like it’s a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em while the baby’s running laps around the table.

I don’t remember what happened first, blame it on the blocking out of bad memories, but it seemed it all went to shit quickly. There was a 7 year old storming off, a 6 year old sitting in a chair screaming, obstacle pieces all over the floor and red Kool-Aid spilled over the table.

Failure number 3.

And what I’ve learned…

  • The baby’s still not old enough for games. But what the heck do I do with him?
  • My hubby’s not really into games. Especially Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land or some Barbie Dog Show shit.
  • Cheaters are not fun to play with.
  • I’ve got to remember that it’s just as frustrating for the oldest, who really wants to play, as it is for me.

*sigh* Take 4 coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Game Playing: Take 2 and 3

  1. I hope this isn’t out of line and is of some help. Time to find games that appeal to the adults first that the kids can play. It’s a slog of a search, but can be done, I have reviewed a bunch on Life. Baby wants to play awesome, let baby move a piece or two around or make baby the dice roller or spinner flicker. As for the cheater, call them out on their cheating. That’s what we do with our resident cheat. Then we explain how people don’t like to play with cheaters or if you are me and find cheating by kids amusing show them how to cheat better and THEN call them out on that cheating too. 🙂

    • Nate, gaming advice from you is NEVER out of line! I totally agree with engaging the adults first. We’ve had a go at Headbanz *upcoming post* and it wasn’t too bad.

      Teach the cheater to cheat better… I like that.

      And I actually wanted to talk to you about some of the games you’ve reviewed, I just never do it… I’d really like to teach them some sort of D and D style game, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve only played once, and it was years ago and I’m pretty sure I was high at the time, so I’ve got no clue. Any ideas? xoxo

      • The only time people don’t like playing with a cheater is when the cheater gets caught or sucks at cheating. Just my thoughts on that. 🙂

        We (meaning the adults) wanted to do the same thing with the kids and ended up on Pathfinder Adventure Card Game which is the closest to role-playing in a card game format we have found.

        Board game wise there are a bunch just depends on reading level of kids involved. There are some actual role-playing games for kids that I can find for you if you want to take a look. Hit me up via email and I will see what I can find and suggest for you.

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