Laundry List

Here you will find my to-do list. Things that are cluttering my mind and space that need to get done. Some are easy, and some are hard, but for some reason or another, I’ve been putting them off. Not all of these directly have to do with my children, but they do have to do with my life, which in turn effects my moods, which impacts my parenting. And FYI, it’s a work in progress.

  • Bff’s wedding gift
  • Brother-in-law’s wedding gift
  • Get a battery for the scale
  • Organize the filing cabinet
  • Print out pictures
  • Clean off the top of the fridge
  • Go through DVDs
  • Set up budget
  • Call AES
  • Call about hospital bill
  • Set up lunch acct
  • M’s resume
  • Call about old bill
  • Check into electric co. switch
  • Get blood work done
  • Find registration stick and put it on the car
  • Get my haircut
  • Call the doctor to find out when the children’s appts are
  • Schedule a doctor’s appt for Hubby
  • Start couponing binder
  • Get books ready for the library
  • Order patches
  • Get out winter clothes
  • Put boxes in attic

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